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    Who Should Consider Getting an iSafe Bag?

    Last updated 6 days ago

    An alarm backpack is a practical way to keep people of all ages safe from harm. Children, senior citizens, and anyone in between can benefit from these easily accessible portable security devices. Here are some reasons why people of all ages should consider getting an iSafe bag.

    • Children: If you have children 8 years of age or older, consider buying them an iSafe alarm backpack. By that age you will be able to teach them how to responsibly use an alarm backpack. These bags are especially useful if your child has to walk to or from school. If they identify any suspicious strangers they deem may be a threat, they can trigger the alarm system to scare away those strangers.
    • College Students: If your daughter is college bound this fall, buy her an iSafe Urban Crew Laptop alarm backpack. Even the safest campuses have bad apples with bad intentions. By simply pulling a strap to trigger an alarm, she will both scare off potentially harmful individuals while gaining the attention of other people who can help.
    • Commuters: Our laptop messenger bag is ideal for workers that commute to and from work, especially by means of public transportation. You can organize your belongings, from your laptop to important work departments in any of seven compartments. Anyone whose profession requires travel and long commutes can benefit from the portable security and transportability of a laptop messenger bag.
    • Senior Citizens: The iSafe waist pack is a safe and easy way for the senior citizen traveler to explore the world. With easy to reach items and protection against thieves in the form of an easy access alarm, the iSafe waist pack is essential for any traveling senior.

    To find out more about the secure feeling an alarm can give you and your loved ones, visit


    A Look at Common Uses for the iSafe Bags

    Last updated 13 days ago

    iSafe bags provide mobile personal security for the children, teens, college students, and adults who wear them. Continue reading to learn a bit more about the mobile personal security iSafe bags offer as well as some other common uses for alarm backpacks.

    • Protect Yourself: iSafe bags are designed to protect the people who wear them. Thieves, kidnappers, and other suspicious individuals tend to target people or children who are walking or traveling alone. When you wear an iSafe bag, any threat to your safety or the safety of your child is immediately nullified. By lifting the flap on the right shoulder strap of your bag, you will activate an alarm that will scare away any predator and alert others who can help. 
    • Protect Your Belongings: In addition to keeping you safe, an iSafe bag will keep your belongings safe and intact. Whether you’re transporting a laptop, a phone, or critical work or school documents, thieves don’t stand a chance against an alarm backpack. If a potential thief approaches, just pull the strap to trigger an alarm that will scare them away.
    • Transport Your Belongings: An iSafe bag can help you transport all of your valuable belongings wherever it is you need to go. The iSafe messenger bag is the ideal laptop business bag for transporting all of your mobile gear safely. All of our bags are equipped with multiple compartments capable of stowing all of your necessities and more. Not only does iSafe keep you safe, but it also keeps your life organized and running smoothly.  

    Children, college students and commuters can all enjoy the many uses and benefits of an iSafe bag. To find out more information about the mobile personal security you will enjoy with an alarm backpack, call iSafe Backpacks & Bags today at (888) 211-6452.  

    "Greater Sense of Security-A Phenomenal Product"-Great Review for iSafe!

    Last updated 19 days ago

    • on Client Review
    • "Ever since I brought the isafebag Backpack home to my daughter & explained to her how she is supposed to use it, she has really felt a greater sense of security in using it, plus she likes the fact that it has a lot of space for her books & school supplies. This is a phenomenal product & should have been made available a... More
      Ted Sutton

      An iSafe alarm backpack can keep you and your children safe from theft and other predators! With one of these alarm backpacks, you can have peace of mind and feel confident that your child is okay even when he or she is away from home. Call (888) 211-6452 to learn more about our products today!

    Check Out These Safety Tips!

    Last updated 21 days ago

    At iSafe Backpacks and Bags, we’ve designed a line of alarm backpacks and bags with a built-in alarm to keep people of all ages and occupations safe. Call us today at (888) 516-6552 to learn more about our wide selection of backpacks and bags. Check out these helpful websites to learn more about keeping your family and important electronics safe:

    • In addition to protecting her with the iGirl messenger bag, provide your daughter some helpful study tips courtesy of
    • Laptop theft is a common problem among people who don’t have iSafe backpacks and bags. Learn how the experts track a stolen laptop on this page.
    • Keep your PC safe on campus by following these five tips from
    • The National Crime Prevention Council provides parents with tips on how to keep kids safe at school.
    • If you’re commuting to work with a laptop, you’ll want to keep it safe in one of our messenger bags. What else can you do to keep your laptop safe while traveling? Check out this helpful resource to find out.

    "Makes Me Feel a Lot Better Knowing That She Has It"-Great Review for iSafe!

    Last updated 21 days ago

    • on Client Testimonial

    • "Hi my name is Penny Barger and I bought one of your backpacks for my daughter for graduation so she could use it when she goes to college. She loves it and takes it everywhere she goes. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that she has it."
      Penny Barger

    An iSafe alarm backpack can keep you and your children safe from theft and other predators! With one of these alarm backpacks, you can have peace of mind and feel confident that your child is okay even when he or she is away from home. Call (888) 211-6452 to learn more about our products today!

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